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37 comentarios sobre «SUNDERLAND 1-1 COVENTRY CITY | MATCH REVIEW»

  1. I do feel for sunderland bigtime you guys belong in premier league your stadium is amazing as you know im a arsenal fan were in a right crap situation but surely with new owners january youl get money to buy some descent players to help you back up there

  2. Grigg has to go, he is the laziest player ever to wear a Sunderland shirt, he wont even chase players down a few yards from him, totally uninterested, get rid in Jan even if we give him away because it's like playing with 10 men anyway. We are as poor as I've seen them in 50 yrs of supporting them

  3. Under Parkinson we have gone backwards to the days of Bruce & Moyes, playing football with no ideas and no passion, at least under Jack Ross there was a feeling of optimism and the players played for the shirt, now it's just stagnant, no passion, no pride. We need a manager with pride and passion to put the fear of God into the players so that they play for the shirt. Sack Parkinson now before we end up in League 2. Bring in Phillips & Keane, at least they have passion and pride for our club.

  4. Everyone says its Parkinson's fault. We could have Mourinho in charge and we still wouldn't be a top 2 team. We have to be honest and say that we will only get promoted with this squad through the play-offs. Its not the manager's fault. We have a mid-table squad. That is the harsh reality that all the sunderland fans must accept. Its early on in the season, still plenty time to get in the play-offs. we need to back the manager and the players all season.

    Love the video tho mate, you're always realistic and make class videos. Keep it up pls

  5. Sorry Jammy. I know you are a nice guy, but Parkinson is totally the WRONG fit for us. Leadbitter and Power in midfield DOES NOT WORK!! I honestly think that we need someone motivational now, and a lot of people will disagree, but it MUST be Keano.

  6. We're basically looking to the Jan window , where we would have to recruit the right players , hope  they gel and hit the ground running , producing an unbelievable run of form . That's a Hot Chocolate song " I believe in miracles " For that to stand a cat in hells chance , the current bunch have to show they have something about them , we can't replace them all . Who's going to want to sign if the atmosphere turns toxic ? I don't think we're to far off that scenario . Instead of looking at them selves the players are rumoured not to be happy with Parky . If that's true the they haven't got anything about them .

  7. Banged the nail on the head about the long aimless balls over the top. That's entirely down to this chronic manager. On two occasion Maguire and McGeady hit the ball up front when there was no one there. It's clearly a tactic of the manager to clear the lines. He's horrible and he must go.

  8. Cov fan here. We weren’t at our best yesterday. Playing with a really unorthodox front 3 due to injuries. Felt like we were unfortunate to draw but you definitely came into the game last 20 minutes or so. It’s definitely interesting to see what Sunderland do from here. I feel that team is definitely better on paper than what it’s putting out there

  9. Another Cov fan here……look on the bright side you have a terrific stadium and fantastic support….Sunderland is an institution!
    My son went to the game from Coventry and was wholly impressed by the stadium and atmosphere. We haven’t got a ground and our manager has £6.50 and 100 nectar points to buy players with. We’ve been bled dry financially by greedy owners over the last twenty years or more (Robinson, Richardson, McGinnity) and now an American hedge fund whose CEO can’t stand football and never follows the team. Our jewel in the crown is Mark Robins who always gets the best out of his players and we have a fantastic scouting set up. Our Academy has turned out some real talent over the years, more recently Callum Wilson and James Maddison. It’s ironic we need a ground and cash badly like Sunderland and you need a passionate manager and players who give a hundred percent until the final whistle like Coventry. On Saturday we had one recognised out of form forward due to a whole catalogue of injuries and a suspension. If Biamou, Godden, Jodi Jones etc had been available I honestly think it would have been a different result. I hope you get promoted along with Coventry this year. Hopefully we may have a ground to play at in the not too distant future if we do make the Championship. My Christmas wish is that SISU piss off back to the rock they crawled out from under together with the London Wasps and we have a stadium like yours one day that’s owned by the club and that we can be proud of. Keep the faith…….if they made a film about the corruption and turmoil behind the demise of Coventry City people wouldn’t believe it and say it was too far fetched!!!!

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