The Sunderland Crash – Angle1943

Short Sunderland T-9114, Aircraft ‘E’ for Emu of 461 Squadron, Coastal Command sustained a large hole in the hull plates in the region of the toilet when taking …

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  1. Couldn't they have landed her in MIlford Haven and beached her ? Easy to be wise after the event I know.I remember one Sunderland hit a rock and holed herself while bringing a Forces rugby team to Guernsey in the '50's; they beached her in the careening hard of the harbour, right by the coast wall and the main road, and you could see her being dismantled for months.

  2. Top ! As a kid I red a book about a simular story. I believe it was called "Pims flight" or "flight to gibraltar"..
    The story go's that they take off from Uk waters but hit a marker buoy and rip there belly…Long story but at the end they land like this film fragment.

  3. Australian pilot Gordon Singleton, who made wartime history by landing the Sunderland flying boat on Angle has died at 97 – almost 70 years after his remarkable feat.
    His unique aviation achievement features in the Sunderland Trust’s Fleets to Flying Boats Centre in the Royal Dockyard Pembrokeshire and a small part of his actual aircraft – T9114 – is on display at the town’s Flying Boat Centre Workshop.
    He is survived by his wife, Patricia, and an extended family, to whom sympathy is extended.

  4. My father is the John Lewis mentioned. I have a copy of that film but this seems to be very clear copy. I also have lots of photos if there are more relatives of crew members interested. My father died in 2000.

  5. I have just read about this incident in a book called "They shall not pass unseen" by Ivan Southall who was a pilot with 461 Squadron. It was published in 1956. All very brave men.

  6. My Dad's cousin was on this flight and one of the Australians pictured, Harry Winstanley (DFC) from Geelong was the Navigator, Dad has good memories of Harry, a nice man & proud member of the RAAF. RIP

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