Gay Travel to France

Whether traveling to France on a trip across Europe, of visiting this popular country as your vacation destination, travelers will find magnificent beaches, alpine resorts, breathtaking countryside with quaint villages and medieval castles, world-renowned art collections, the glorious French Riviera and the truly unique, exceptional city of Paris.

While visitors on gay vacations tend to stay around Paris to enjoy the accepting atmosphere that Paris is known for, while experiencing the heart of France's LGBT culture and visiting the city's famous cultural and historical landmarks, travelers will find that Paris' accepting atmosphere extends across the country and there are plenty of LGBT establishments and things to see and do no matter where you travel in France. For over 200 years, France's community has enjoyed life without anti-sodomy laws, and civil unions have been commonplace for the last decade. With both the law and the laissez-faire attitude common among the French on their side, LGBT travelers will find France an ideal location for safe, enjoyable gay vacations.

There are several community events throughout the year, including a huge pride parade and festival and a gay and lesbian film festival in Paris, as well as several smaller pride celebrations across the country. Other Paris attractions that should not be missed on a gay vacation include ArtMenParis, an art gallery devoted solely to images of men; Legay Choc, an LGBT-owned bakery in the Marais district; and Chez Michou, Madame Arthur and L'Artishow, cabarets featuring female impersonators. As for the Paris nightlife, bars are typically open from afternoon until 2am; whereas, clubs often do not open until midnight and stay open as late as noon.

For men who are interested in experiencing the bawdier side of Parisian life, sex clubs, cruising spots and bars with backrooms are easy to find for visitors on gay vacations. Paris is also home to a plethora of saunas, also known as bathhouses, which are popular attractions for both locals and visitors. Saunas are not open 24-hours in France and do not have private rooms to rent. For privacy, visitors can enjoy relaxation cubicles and out-of-towners should keep in mind that going to a sauna is a primarily afternoon activity in Paris, with Sunday afternoons being the most crowded.

Most gay travel hotspots cater largely to men, have little to no visible lesbian presence and offer few establishments dedicated to the lesbian community. Women will be delighted to discover that this is not the case in Paris. Parisian lesbians and visitors enjoy a multitude of venues and organizations that can be found throughout the city, but particularly in the neighborhoods of Marais, Grands Boulevards, Halles-Beaubourg, Saint Germain des Pres and Palais Royal. Palais Royal is home to one of the oldest lesbian bars in Paris, while the Bastille-Republique district has a delightful community bookstore with a distinct Sapphic flare. There is also a lesbian walking group and even a sex shop that caters solely to women.

While Paris may be the most popular gay vacations and travel spot in France, there are many others to choose from as well, including Nantes in Brittany, Avignon in Provence, Annecy in the Alps, Nice and Montpellier on the Mediterranean coast and, of course , the popular community beaches of Camargue, where naturism is the norm. Saint Tropez on the French Riviera is another spot to visit in hopes of catching a glimpse of the rich and famous, while an LGBT-owned bed and breakfast outside of Bourdeaux is the ideal setting for a romantic getaway. The many options available for gay travel in France make this beautiful country the perfect destination for a gay vacation.

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