Teen Sailor Abby Sunderland Found Alive

Rescue efforts underway as the 16-year-old abandons her round-the-world quest. For more, go to …

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  1. Inexperienced sailor (couldn't even bring her boat into the docks by herself) + sailing during the worst time of year because she had to in order to break the record = disaster. This was failure was pretty predictable after she had to restart in Mexico.

  2. She is one of the children of sailors. Some of whom have sailed around the world themselves. The children begin sailing at a very early age. They learn to sail by themselves early as well. The parent (experienced sailors) know the children can sail. To these children telling them they can't sail is like saying they are too young to walk.

  3. irresponsible people like abby Sunderland expect taxpayers, in this case Australian and French taxpayers to foot the bill for their rescue; on top of that, she endangered professionals charged with rescue do to natural disasters or other non intentional acts.

  4. Did she ever re-pay the French & Australian governments for rescuing her? I am not concerned they have a law against "charging." Wondering if her book deal got her enough money to pay for her rescue. People at sea should have to pay just like 911 callers have to pay for Ambulances even when they did not create the emergency.

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