No Bregrets: Sunderland after the vote to leave the European Union

Sunderland’s surprise vote for Brexit was seen by remain supporters as turkeys voting for Christmas. But now that Nissan, the car maker that employs 7000 …

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  1. As Nissan decides to not build the new X-Trail in Sunderland, I wonder how many new models they will commit to in the future? My guess is probably none. This means that as existing models are phased out, the Nissan plant will be wound down until it closes. But don't worry brexiteers, your job is just one of Gove's "little bumps in the road" and after all "Britain's had enough of experts" hasn't it?

    It looks like Project Fear was more like Project Fact, but you've made your beds, now it's time to lie in them.

  2. I am a remainer and live in London, and this proves beyond doubt that Governments past and presant have never helped communities such like these, just left them to slowly decay. These people are angry and fed-up, Not suprised!!!

  3. Nissan are moving production to Japan cause their own people need the work, pure and simple. If it was due to Brexit they would move production to France to keep access to EU sales. After all Nissan and Renault are major shareholders in each other…..but to the cowardly remainers that fact isn't convenient.

  4. Everybody expect a deal, incl. NISSAN.
    PM May is simply lying to comp. 😂.
    There will be NO DEAL! (OR NO BREXIT)
    BUT…. Like you…. What do I know!
    Car manufacturers will not tell their imployes that they are fired in 6 months…..

  5. Funny the girl who said that if Nissan left Sunderland would be devastated…. But she knew they wouldn't…… Please go back…. I think the line today is they knew what would happen but they don't care

  6. Absolutely terrible for Sunderland and surrounding area that Nissan is scaling back on production there. Realistically this is only the beginning of the end. In about five years they’ll be gone altogether. That’ll mean that lots of those workers might have to emigrate to make a life for themselves. Imagine that, Britons emigrating and becoming foreigners or immigrants in another country!

  7. no more Nissan plant – no more car builds in sunderland – Nissan moving back to japan. because of Brexit.
    im,e sure sunderland regret their decision to leave now all those jobs are going.

  8. Today News March 2019:

    “So if the person has paid into the system all their lives and retired to an EU country in good faith, with all the reciprocal arrangements in place, they could be left high and dry if they, say, get cancer after 29 March,” said Kate Husband, whose parents, both 80, a teacher and an architect, moved from Cornwall to join her and her husband in Brittany 25 years ago.

    Pensioners will be eligible to return to the UK and get treatment on the NHS under the contingency plans, the health minister, Stephen Hammond, revealed in a statementon Tuesday.

    “How can pensioners with cancer, cardiac problems or other major issues be expected to make or even afford repeated visits to the UK for regular vital treatment?” asked Dave Spokes, coordinator at Expat Citizens Rights in the EU (Ecreu), an organisation with 11,000 members across the EU

  9. What most people who have never been to these areas do not understand and will continue to ignore, when you have nothing, you have nothing to loose. The fear of losing is only relevant if you have something to lose. Once this Greek tragedy is over, maybe the country will come together to prove what we are all capable of doing and delivering to make a success of a our freedom from EU and hopefully changing Westminster to represent the people and business for the betterment of the UK.

  10. Car manufacturers only build in country,s where it is economically viable through tax subsidies or cheap labour the x trail is diesel and as diesel is now proscribed in Europe that is why it will be built in Japan or elsewhere nothing to do with Brexit I wonder what B M W will do now as they mostly are diesel ,no doubt there will be special dispensation in Germany’s case to carry on despite their green credentials.What a farce as with the emissions cheating .I also remember the white wines from Germany years ago were adulterated with anti freeze on a large scale ,so much for German quality

  11. So much for free speech in this country of ours, my last comment that I put on here a few minutes ago about Nissan and the blackmailing back hander they got off our Government had been taken off, I just wonder how soon this comment will also be taken off, so the truth really does hurt.

  12. allll looks veeery different now huh? So what did May "promise" Nissan back then? Remember that they WOULD NOT TELL YOU! Anyone with more than half a brain would see that as suspicious… and nooooowwww it's all coming back to roost.

  13. The reason the UK is in such a mess is because conservative MPs keep awarding foreign countries contracts for UK infrastructure projects, like using cheap inferior iron and steel from China, etc etc the list is endless !

  14. The problem with Sunderland isn't the EU, it's the utter dependence on a single major employer. The same is true with most ex-mining towns that are now full of warehouses and manufacturers. Towns and cities need a diverse range of employers – both in terms of size and industries.

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