How to Cure Vaginismus With Hypnotherapy and NLP

If you suffer from this condition, chances are that you are more than slightly interested in finding a way to help cure vaginismus once and for all. In case you are wondering what vaginismus is, it is an involuntary muscle spasm that occurs in the muscles that surround the vaginal opening.

When this happens it can make sex, physical examinations, and even inserting a tampon painful as well as difficult. The reaction is physiological though there are many who will successfully argue that it is also psychological in nature. Treatments that address it as both are often most effective in eliciting a cure for this problem.

What Are the Possible Causes?

There are several possible causes that are believed to pay an important role in leading to vaginismus. Understanding the potential causes can help you identify the best way to help cure vaginismus in an individual situation. You may find that you recognize one of these in yourself or none of them. There is no cut and dried or ‘one size fits all’ explanation for vaginismus.

Some causes may be religious beliefs, lack of proper education about sex, embarrassment, trauma (such as rape, sexual abuse, or an examination gone wrong), or problems within a relationship that are taking on physical manifestations. Primary vaginismus has always been around. Secondary vaginismus makes its grand appearance later in life.

Finding the Right Method to Help Cure Vaginismus

It is possible to treat vaginismus whether you have primary or secondary vaginismus. It is important to recognize that this is not something that any woman wishes upon herself. It isn’t something you can control and you need support in order to overcome this condition. It is absolutely nothing that you should be ashamed of. Hypnosis can help you overcome not only the vaginismus but also the shame and fear that it feeds on.

You can get the help you need even if you feel you have no one to turn to for support but it helps a lot to have a strong support system that is willing to work with you to help cure vaginismus in addition to the vaginismus help you will receive from hypnotherapy.

NLP and Vaginismus

When seeking hypnosis, hypnotherapy, or neuro-linguistic programming therapy to treat vaginismus it helps to find a female therapist to help you work through it. This is a problem that might be made worse by turning to a male therapist for treatment or support. This type of therapy is very effective but it is also real direct and blunt. It works best that way to provide real help to cure vaginismus once and for all-are you ready for honest, direct vaginismus help?

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