Sunderland 'Til I Die: Netflix series charts pain, prayers and passion for the club – trailer

Netflix has released a trailer for Sunderland ‘Til I Die, a new docu-series following the club’s first season back in the Championship after the team crashed out of …

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  1. Sunderland fans are probably some of the most unlucky fans in the world, suffered lots over the years. I feel bad for them. But the fans still support the club, stuck by them. True football fans. They deserve this documentary.

  2. I just finished watching the program on Netflix and so much emotions. These life time fans are deserved better to do somethings else but chooses to support their team with bottom of from their hearts. It is heartbroken story depends who you are at least it did to me even though I am No longer football fan anymore because too much to deal with up and down emotions. I will keep on eyes the black cats coming back to alive, will share my joy with these true royal fans and back staff. I never seen so much passions about these sweet people especially from wide range of ages, no matter how old, their pure hearts and loves on club is extremely remarkable in any human dramas ever I have seen. I absolute love these fans and cheers them behind. Never give up another day is another sunrise. Greeting from America.

  3. This was really well done. What hurt was knowing the outcome of the season, yet you couldn't help but get excited and have hope when the fans did. But then you'd remember how fleeting it was given the result. I appreciated the fan point of view as well as the office point of view. The two transfer window episodes were really cool to me

  4. Sunderland fans moaning about lack of investment …. Sunderland players playing in a half empty stadium. Can't have investment if your stadium is only being half filled for home games. Sunderland players walk out to a half empty stadium .. how does that affect the mentality and moral of the players ? Sunderland "supporters" are idiots.

  5. Great TV show. I'm not a Sunderland fan, but I feel the fans pain. Hope they get back up to Premier league. Love watching Newcastle v Sunderland. Same for Leeds also. Them v Man Utd is a huge game. Sooner both are back the better.

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