Tour Of Sunderland

Images of my home City, it’s places, it’s landmarks, it’s fantastic, by day and as you will see it is fantastic by night.

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  1. bigger than newcastle and yet my land is dropping to bits! because all the funding goes up the road sunderland has a rail station built in 1960 still a fawcett street that looks like skegness roads and poundshops come on sunderland council help before it gets worse than it is now

  2. All towns and cities have their problems, name one that is perfect. Sunderland is improving all of the time and improvements are still needed.
    The photo's are all real taken at different times of the year and weather conditions, nothing staged about it but to show how beautiful places look in summer, winter, at night.
    You do not have to click on the video Dave Desmond, no one invited you here, enjoy or leave and don't come back, frankly no one will care.

  3. I cannot say enough about this beautiful video. The music teamed up with the scenes brought me to tears. I surely want to visit this awesome place. Thank you for posting something so absolutely amazing!

  4. Beautiful I am 2nd/3rd generation in US, My mom's side of family are from Durham, UK. We still have family over there but don't "know them". Would love to visit someday… Thanks for showing this… 🙂

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