Sunderland fans sing dont worry against fulham 3-0 down

Sunderland v fulham bob marley 3-0 down 3-0 still full of spirits SFG.

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  1. What a bunch of lovely red seats, Absolutely shit fans, no atmosphere. You sell your tickets for £1 and you also have the famous cheesy chips and blue pop in town yet you can't sell out. Don't deserve to be in the premier league. LALAS, Up the TOON!

  2. There's an atmosphere in the video you blind, deaf, dumb cu.nt. What's more, that small section creates more noise than your whole pathetic, jigsaw stadium. You have two large stands and two sheds, it looks a total clip. Also, if you google "cheesy chips newcastle" you'll get a hell of a lot more results than if you searched Sunderland. Myth well and truly busted. I'll look forward to our category 1 academy picking up all the talented youngsters in the area. Unlucky skunk boy.

  3. Your singing to a song no one gives a fuck about, Most of your ugly fans have left by this stage due to the fact you are getting beat 3-0. Try getting beat 5-0 away at Tottenham and still singing, Look up the video's .. Oh wait you probably have because you my friend are obsessed with Newcastle United. Sunderland forever living in Newcastle's shadow. I have one word for you .. EUROPE! LALAS

  4. because we do have the biggest crowd in the north east with 52,000 seats in our ground and i don't know how u can say we have a small ground!! its bigger then your garden shed!! i think your fans are thick and dumb!! we beat u 5-1 and we beat you 1-0 (ryan taylor over the wall)!! i think sunderland fans are in love with newcastle united because we got a better history then you!! SMB!!! NEWCASTLE TILL I DIE

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