SUNDERLAND RELEGATED TO LEAGUE ONE! Get MasterBucks Merchandise Here! ▻ – My Twitter …

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  1. The same happened to the brazilian team Fluminense, which is considered one of the big teams in Brazil, in 98/99: Relegated from Serie A to Serie B, and the next year relegated to Serie C (they managed to win the Serie C at least)… But in 2000, the brazilian confederation started an argument with the clubs, that disagreed and made their own national league that year. And they "invited" Fluminense from Serie C to the Serie A directly…

  2. Newcastle fan and I have no smart ass comments because where shite with a greedy scumbag owner anyways I miss Sunderland are no in premier League cause you can't have a season without your rivals…miss north east derby( Tyne wear ) ☹️ use will come up and we will go down

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