Sunderland vs Man United 5/10/13 De Gea Save

De Gea Wonder Save Sunderland vs Man United 2013 5/10/13 Watch De Gea pull off one of the best saves ever seen in the premier league against sunderland!

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  2. De Gea is without the finest Goalkeeper I've ever seen, he's magnificent. Amazingly quick and agile, but now that he's not flapping at crosses his all round game is phenomenal.

    His footwork is the best I've seen. Footwork is everything for a 'keeper, without it they're dead in the water. However its not practice, its instinct. This is a classic example, at the point when Giaccherini heads the ball De Gea has no idea whether the ball is going to his left or his right. He needs move across his goal to be able to cover both, but critically plant his feet at the exact moment when the player heads the ball. Its an amazing skill, if he's a millisecond late he is airborne and cannot adjust in time.

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