Mick Walsh-Blackpool Versus Sunderland (1975)

This is a simply superlative goal from Micky Walsh of Blackpool against Sunderland. This was a second division fixture from 1975 (for those of you not familiar …

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  1. Lovely video. For a start, it had to be some shot to beat the legendary Jim Montgomery. But for general 70s aficionados, the ad hoardings are perfect: nothing in Vietnamese, ads for anoraks, bitter and Pontins, and 'The Green', which was presumably Lancashire's version of Manchester's Pink. How delighted we all were, to read reports of matches that had finished just 2 hours earlier!!

  2. So glad you posted this. Without doubt my favourite goal of all time. I love the way you know he's got nothing else on his mind but to score. The camera position helps too,completely behind the ball. You're right,this was before balls were like balloons and the pitches were like ploughed fields. Superb skill and to beat Jimmy Montgomery from that distance had to be special. You've got to love Barry Davis too!

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