Man Utd v Sunderland 74/75 Division 2

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  1. I was in the Stretford End that day and Old Trafford was heaving. I wish we'd have bought Ron Davies five years before as he was a great striker in his day. It was a classic "we'll score one more that you will" United display. I miss those days. Football today is so sterile in comparison.

  2. fantastic stuff – football of my era, the tackles flying in on a muddy pitch. No little skill in a second division match featuring all British players. Wonderful commentary from Barry Davies and a sense of frantic excitement throughout.

  3. Proper football. No sideways passing for the sake if it. No stupid stats about dribbles and assists. A pitch like a glue pot. Imagine some of today's players on that surface. They would be moaning about it. So would the managers. Happy days.

  4. Think was 62k at this game. One of the reasons Man Utd fans turned up in numbers was it was the first winning side they had seen for a while. Early 70s they was poor with gates of 35k alot of the time

  5. I couldn't get in that day … massive crowd … turnstiles closing all around the ground, walking back to the car heard the roar as Pancho puts us ahead … caught it on Match Of The Day later … what a game!

  6. Makes me question the cup final v leeds . Sunderland were a very very good team early to mid 70's . Sure they were div 2 but were a top div 2 side . Beating leeds was not such a big shock in my mind and im a leeds fan .

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