Kendra Sunderland – Arrest at LAX, Fleshlight, Extreme Smothering – Jim Norton & Sam Roberts

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41 comentarios sobre «Kendra Sunderland – Arrest at LAX, Fleshlight, Extreme Smothering – Jim Norton & Sam Roberts»

  1. She wasted her morning on those numbnuts? She's not a junkie, and certainly not an Einstein. Just loves her weed. She doesn't have to pay for it either. Get it done while you're young girl! More power to ya.

  2. Funny how when she did this she became a sexy offender. But since she's a hot chick no one cares, if it was a guy he'd be hated for the rest of his life,,,, I mean pee wee Herman did It and didn't even record It , and he's still get in made fun of

  3. This young woman needs help not encouragement and glorification.. sad world, nobody cares but to let in their disgusting filth that ultimately ignores, refuses to help the whore and most definitely paves the way and encourages other confused, broken people.. this is how societies dies, people.

  4. Clicked on this because I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa Ann's interviews. I had to call it quits after 10 minutes. This girl is quite clearly stoned (on opiates, weed or both) and she very much gives credence to the stereotype that porn stars are just a bunch of lack wit, druggie bimbos.

  5. Damn, y’all are really some judge mental assholes. Did she hurt you directly? You criticize and make comments, judging them on their every moves, but when females in the sex industry commit suicide or self harm everyone acts shocked. You assholes cause this shit.

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