Gillingham 1-0 Sunderland – PARKINSON OUT?

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That’s a bitter pill to swallow. Thank you for all the support you lot show me. Enjoy the video if you can.

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  1. AS a Gills supporter who doesn't particularly like Phil Parkinson for various post match comments over the years – The guy does have a decent record of getting teams promoted.. and he has only had 7 games with you. If he is struggling perhaps its because the players he has taken on are not good enough. Just a thought, eh?

    Our division is topped by a team who has kept faith with one manager for years.. and whose early months in his current job were also very shaky

  2. Even though us Newcastle fans are enjoying seeing you struggle but let’s be real you shouldn’t even be in that league in terms of the size of the club Sunderland are a premier league team you’re definitely bigger than Bournemouth and Burnley

  3. Michael please calm down … You must get this sunderland are a big club mentality out of your head… They are a "Spent force" mate.
    I do HOPE that sunderland hit the "Big time" again in the not to distant future… But for now Michael you are just going to have to ride the storm..
    If you don't I am going to come into Sainsbury's when you are on shift and drop some stink bombs on the floor… That will teach you!

  4. Love your passion Michael, always love watching your video's. but now we need to look at the owner, SD. he's making so many bad decisions to save himself from spending money that he keeps claiming to have, everything he's doing or has done is making the club worse and fall deeper into trouble, for me he is the one to blame. he appointed Parkinson. We'll never go in the right direction while he continues to own our club!!!! that's my opinion.

  5. I have never been so depressed due to the absolutely dire camanlty that Sunderland are in at the present. Who thinks these owners know anything about football and the passion of the best fans in the world who are contantly being lied to and treat like shit ? Why is Parkuson the manager of this once great club? Something has got to be done ASAP or we will be relegated yet again .

  6. Touch of the John McEnroe's about that rant . LOL. We should not be praising players for putting in some effort . Grayson must be rubbing his hands at the prospect of next weeks game . Goal 1st 20 mins , crowd will turn go on to win 3-0 . It's got to the stage where we can't see where the next 3 points are coming from .

  7. Shocking that it has come to this Michael…..and it’s frightening to think that there appears to be no end or hope of any improvement that will end this slump…and if Parkinson was to go it’s hard to see who in their right mind would take on the job….😥the worst of times….😥

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