Gillingham 1-0 Sunderland | FAN REACTIONS with JACOB KIRKBRIDE

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So it was another defeat for Sunderland away to Gillingham. We sent our reporter Jacob Kirkbride to get the fans reactions. IMPORTANT – Please note that any …

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  1. It was a pleasure to chat to you on our way to the game and can't believe I feature at around 11mins!! Had no clue you were doing this! Really enjoyed your insights. As a genuine football fan I get no enjoyment in such a great club with such history being in the position they are in. All the best for the future and will certainly follow you!

  2. Team selection was an absolute joke and shows the mentality of the clown in charge going down there for a nil nil. Worst point in the history of our club and it will get worse if nothing changes. Donald please resign or sell the club. Parkinson, take your undeserved pay off and kindly fuck off now. I would seriously have Reidy back and I never thought I'd say that.

  3. These fans opinions is beyond stupid like comparing us to Watford we need to stop comparing to Prem teams it’s embarrassing and how the fuck is KP gonna save us?? we rock bottom in a rut we have no money we aren’t attractive whatsoever Stewart Donald is out of his depth this isn’t Eastleigh trying doing things on the cheap is what got us in this mess only way to save Sunderland is spend a bit of cash make us look attractive to a top experienced championship manager then that sort us out big time

  4. Parkinson is a average manager at best and Sunderland need to being looking for high calibre managers.

    I’m a Bolton fan and the hoof ball tactics with 1 upfront at home piss me off many a time. Get him out and back in league 2 where he belongs.

  5. Sunderland can sack and rehire the whole EFL manager list, there's no-one that will take this club up to the Championship because the team are absolutely shambolic. I'm sad to see it, the supporters don't deserve it, and I'd sell the whole lot of them and hire 11 youth players to take them up.

  6. Parky is going nowhere till February at least and nor should he. He needs to bring his own players in to play his way, we only need to win 14 games by my calculations to get into the playoffs, Bolton on boxing Day is a banker win and with it being Parky's old club and a bumper crowd it will be the turning of the tide in my opinion, Parky will bring in some much needed physicality, aggression and attitude then we'll win at least 13 of our last 23, finish in the playoffs and go up through Wembley.

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