Brexit Party FLASH MOB Sunderland

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You made me a believer Leaver… you break down, you build me up, believer, leaver”

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  1. Sovereignty is the only thing that matters British people have died defending it and now we have half of the Nation who want to hand it over to the tyrants of the EU. If it was up to me all those that voted remain would be deported to France at gunpoint and all politicians and judges who have committed High Treason would meet the Hangman.

  2. There is no way working class will fall for this shite let alone working class children. Defo a thumbs down… Traitors! Will need to look into their eyes to see this to be true. I am certain these guys were paid to do this. Its the only explanation.

  3. Brexit Tory Party

    Choose a Toff Bastard stinking rich Etononian Wanker.
    Choose a social cleansing genocidal Choose Choose homelessness, maniac.
    Choose closed schools, no libraries, empty 20,000 imaginary police officers.
    Choose more cuts to the NHS and bleeding to death waiting in a dilapidated hospital corridor.
    Choose watching high rise flats burn to the ground on whilst stuffing budget sausage rolls into your mouth cos thats all you can afford to eat.
    Choose dying in the workplace aged 72 cos the bastards took away your pension and dignity in old age.
    Choose a poverty stricken future for the next generation of poor souls.
    Choose your future ..
    Choose the Tories.

  4. For anyone who is in any doubt, these are paid performers not party members.

    My best friend is one of the dancers in the flash mob. She was paid a decent fee plus travel expenses, she is not a member of, nor does she support, the Brexit party.

    This is simply paid work for a professional dancer.

  5. Lost opportunity to showcase Morris dancing but they chose prance around to some imported, primitive 'hippy hoppy' type earache. I've nothing against these youths or their political 'musical message', I just think they should be killed that's all, and I speak as a card carrying, peace loving , member of the communist party.

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