JUAN SANTORI IS OUR ONLY HOPE. Gillingham 1-0 Sunderland.

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So Sunderland lose again well done Gillingham but we have gone backwards this season and its time for the money man JUAN SANTORI to take over this club …

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  1. Your wife bought you a jumper for £35 She MUST love you …
    My other half buys me fuck all…
    OK that said… Look at the stats Sunderland have scored 2 goals in the last FIVE games… They play Blackpool next weekend who have scored 11 goals in the last five games… I predict more misery next weekend against Blackpool…
    The only slight saver is the "Home advantage" for Sunderland.
    Them Sunderland players on that pitch today should hang there heads in shame…. But NO ..They will be out now on the piss ..Then they will go back home snort some cocaine and bone there trophy girlfriend.
    Edit… Your video gets a "Thumbs up" rating from me.

  2. I'm not Parkinson out I feel for him I really do but I think his time is almost up these players clearly have no Respect for him don't want him there and I believe the reason why is because Ross was to soft with these players Parkinson isn't afraid to drop key players who aren't performing and that's the reason why they are not performing its like the players are trying to get PP sacked and like I said I feel sorry for him but at the same time it's getting worse and I would be very shocked if he's still in charge for the Blackpool game but again I'm not Parkinson out I'm just looking at the bigger picture these players are a fucking disgrace they respect a manager more who had no Football league experience than a manager who does absolute disgrace they're not fit to wear the shirt

  3. I've said it time and time again – yous lot need Peter Reid and Kevin Phillips at the helm. Sad to see the state of your club mate, I don't know how you can keep making these videos honestly, must take a lot out of you. Massive respect ⚫⚪⚫⚪

  4. We have to face reality my friend Sunderland are spiralling to the point of no return. Poor decisions all round and it won’t get any better. This current team are so bad it has relegation written all over it. Forget promotion it just won’t happen. At the moment we are in free fall and unless things change I fear greatly for the future of this once proud football club. ☹️☹️☹️

  5. Pompey Chris here, hey you could have gone above us with a win, but 5 in defence against Giillingham with their 6 in defence, come on !! Yup your manager needs a bit of Watford treatment ie get rid ASAP. Good lukc against Blackpool, we have their cheeeky neighbours at their place next week

  6. I thought Sunderland would have stopped the rot yesterday, because by all accounts the Gills are bang average. Whil'st Safc's season is'nt a total write off at this minute, it will be interesting to hear and see what Donald (F**k)s take on the current state of proceedings is. I know Sunderland fans and Ellis Short fell out of love, but surely he was a better guy than the current crop of charlatans?

  7. Can't believe I've got to watch that lot next week,take the players to catterick let the paras beast them all week see if they can make men out of them.leave Parkinson in on the firing range.we need to find the owners money,sorry they haven't got any.keep singing and keep the faith.

  8. I don’t like to say it, so I won’t as I’m not gloating, but I’m as angry as you are, I knew about SD and gave my thoughts already , so there is no need to repeat. It ain’t looking good because getting SD out, which he wants, but he wants all his money back with interest, so administration as far as SD is concerned won’t happen until he cashes in.

  9. This man is the definition of loyalty, even when his team is performing bad at times he’s always had their back and stuck by them like the back to back relegations as well as attending the games, if that’s not commitment I don’t know what is.

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