ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Sunderland emergency panel w/ A Love Supreme, Wise Men Say & SAFC Fan TV!

equipaciones de futbol 2019 Envío tal como estaba informado. Me parece una camiseta de muy buena calidad y a un buen precio ( por lo menos lo que pagué yo). Un artículo recomendado.

As a result of the feeling of desperation and despair surrounding Sunderland reaching fever pitch recently, RR decided to convene an emergency meeting of the …

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  1. me and my son are season ticket holders,ive been a fan for 50 years the solution is simple-just fold.i really dont see that theres any point carrying on.we have the worst team weve ever had,the worst owners,worst ever league position.whats the point? itll take at least 20 years to get us challenging in the championship.the whole lot apart from the fans as usual is a shambles

  2. The recruitment team are not good enough Tony Coton and Rochard Hill should be let go. Stewart Donald needs to be ruthless you can't be matey matey with your staff simple really. Yes you need good working relations but its business not subuteo or Fifa. We need to sign smartly and not just throw money at it. Imo I know we've not got lots of money but we need a proper Director of Football someone with experience and yes I know Coton had worked at Villa but you look at who he's signed only ONien is a success for us. We have sold players that we needed use Cattermole had to go but Honeyman is a huge loss. We need to bring some young lads in Embelton needs more game time and Benji look at Maja look how he turned out.

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