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At a somewhat (not very) popular demand this is me reacting to Aiden McGeady situation at Sunderland and the general state of the club. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. We probably will lose 2 or 3-0 tomorrow and I think he will probably get the sack and the biggest problem now is that we have no leaders in the club and we have players like Mcgeady, McGuire, and even Leadbetter who are just leaches to the club. I really would like to see O'nein Captain and I think we should build a squad of young hungry players like O'nein, Gooch, and Dobson . We need to get rid of the old leaches and bring in hungry young players and make O'nein Captain

  2. I'd rather we had 2 lesser quality replacements that give 100% all the time than have 2 diva's (that havent played great for months now with rare flashes of quality) creating a negative vibe around the squad. I think our results will be a lot better with more players giving it all and happier and a more cohesive unit. And you got to ask yourself will we really miss McGeady, our win percentage with or without McGeady since we became a league one club are no different, in fact slightly better win % without McGeady on pitch.

  3. It's only rumours but for me it makes perfect sense why the team look disjointed this could be 1 of the factors so yeah we don't need any negativity in the dressing room and a toxic dressing room so for me get rid of anyone who's causing problems in the dressing room

  4. I can’t imagine any players wanting to come here Michael, who would want to play in an atmosphere we have at the moment, there are big issues from the boardroom to the dressing room that need addressing sooner rather than later. I wouldn’t be looking up to the play offs, all I see at present is a relegation battle.

  5. New it would be a cracking video mate…I think we maybe should give Parkinson 6 games with the window. As I said to Mad if we have now got shot of a rotten apple then lets see how he shapes things…one thing we need to do is get ethan robson back from Grimsby. If hes putting in 8/10 performances for them he can give 8 /10 performances for us….great video…you speak for us all.

  6. If these things are true Michael we must get rid of both. Bully boys have no place in a football and these two should be setting an example to other younger players at the club. Bad eggs cause disharmony and poor performance , just look at Spurs recently, although they seem to have weathered the storm. After all this is a team game and all the players and the management need to take responsibility now otherwise it will just get worse. Tomorrow’s game will be tough with Simon Grayson looking to make a point so the players need stick together, knuckle down , work hard and try and put some pride back on Wearside. 👍👍⚽️⚽️

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