24/11/1984 Sunderland v Manchester United

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  1. So… the Wearsiders moved across the field when they moved to the SoL, just like Arsenal did when they changed stadia (the SoL and the Emirates' dugouts are on the near side of the pitch relative to the TV cameras, unlike Roker Pk. and Highbury)…

  2. 2-0 up, 3-2 down. This game pretty much sums up the misery of the 80s for Utd in the league. We'd take points off Liverpool and most of the other top teams and then undo all the good work against teams lower down the table. Sunderland were relegated this season but took 4 points out of 6 in the two matches against us (2-2 at OT).

  3. That was Big Ron's United in a nutshell and why they never really came close to winning the league. Time and again they'd be up and cruising against weak opposition but then the wheels would fall off. Under Ferguson they'd have continued to dominate possession and territory from 2-0 and probably gone on to score more. Under Mourinho a bus would have been parked and it's unlikely they would have then conceded three. But Atkinson's side never knew what to do to close out games consistently and frequently ended up looking like clueless by-standers as opponents swept past them.

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