Nerf Magstrike AS-10 – A Fully Automatic Machine Gun of Foam Awesomeness

Toys come and go, but when it comes to Nerf, the legend continues on long past their rise in the 90’s. Nerf is here to stay and they continue to prove this by releasing great new toy gun after great new toy gun, so what’s one of their best that makes a great gift for kids and Nerf enthusiasts alike? The Nerf Magstrike AS-10 is a great gift that anyone can enjoy, let’s take a look at what makes this gun truly unique in the Nerf gun lineup.

Just like similar Nerf guns, this one has rapid fire action which is always a draw to many Nerf gun battle vets, but the unique design of this rapid fire gun is a bit different and part of the reason it stands out. Bright yellow and orange plastic and a convenient grip make this gun easy to carry and use against your opponents. You can fire either single shot or multi shot and use all of your Nerf darts at once. The gun also comes with a magazine for easy reloading and firing.

The Nerf Magstrike As-10 makes a great gift and can be found at most online vendors for a relatively low price. Local toy stores and department stores also carry it like Wal-Mart and Target but you might find it costing a bit more at these retail centers. Going online is always the best choice for finding a discount Nerf Magstrike AS-10. They make excellent birthday presents or additions to the Nerf arsenal in your home.

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