[90/91] Manchester City v Sunderland, May 11th 1991

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39000 were at Maine Road for the last game of the season, City’s biggest crowd of the year. That included many thousands from relegation candidates …

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  1. I cant believe you put this video up!! im from israel and my uncle took me to this game when I was like eleven/ I just searched it for the hell of it but never thought I would come across this game
    thank you mate!! this gave me goose bumps

  2. @MMAC0RE I as there as a Sunderland fan mate, 15,000 in the official away ends with another 2,000 or so in your end. Was good after the game even though we were relegated. Swapping shirts with city fans with no hint of bother

  3. I was there as a 9 yr city fan couldn't believe the noise from the Sunderland fans, I remember them haven thousands of fans locked outside so desperate to get in the tried to break through the big blue gates at the side of the kippax, I was stood watching from inside, I'd never seen support like it at Maine road

  4. thats the day when real fans when we lost got praise from the home fans true fact citys lads thought we were mental before n after few scraps but nowt daft but fair play city you got overaan in the reeet way not fighty club for once just loyal mad supporters on the drink

  5. See you at Wembley City fans. I can honestly say, as a Sunderland fan, that you lot are the bestfans we get on with. March 2nd will be a laugh with good banter. No matter the result. (Hopefully going our way mind! ;))

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