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Sunderland 1-1 Coventry. Benjamin Kimpioka Saves the day…. Coventry lead at halftime 0-1 and were heading for a victory until Duncan Watmore and …

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  1. I wish I knew what is going on, you played shite and got a point, we played the same shite as we have been playing all season, but we won, wtf, I keep hearing a win is a win, that’s as maybe, but I’m like you guys are football fans, football played by players that play flowing football is a thing of the past, as I say, I’m speechless because it gives KJ another free pass.

  2. Good video as they ALWAYS are …. I fancied the draw today .. My betf+ir come up…
    Coventry were ALWAYS going to give SAFC a game today as they have only lost 2 league games all season
    You can get a prossie in Middlesbrough to suck your c+ck for £4.90

  3. Thanks for the vid…'s a lot more entertaining than watching SAFC!
    We're a very ordinary mid table going nowhere team .
    I don't know what Parky's going to do during the January window but he's a got job on his hands…btw I forecast a draw – but 2 each, so if you're kind I might get 5 points eh?

  4. Hold on, hold on….. Mad called it correct when he intimated to Thane, Charlie Hodgson and their like not too get carried away by the loan. It was only two weeks ago Sunderland were the 4th richest club in the World….Eh?? Fuck me…. Donald, Methvin and Sartori have had your your pants down. Must have had some tips from Ashley!

  5. Fans voluntarily help replace the seats at the SOL & are rewarded with a Hot Chocolate price hike? I'm sure the P&L's looking better but Donald/Methven clearly aren't owners who know how to get us out of this league. They need to get Benji starting games – he's had plenty time looking at the dross we've got up front & is probably having the same thoughts as Maja.

  6. The league has really opened up, anyone can beat anyone. With the exception of Southend, the league is really for the taking. We've finally caught up to yous lot and are sat next to you in the table. But 2 games in hand and if we played and won those two games, we'd be in the top 4. So it's so open, more open than a glass sliding door. More open than a Macdonalds 24 hour restaurant. The playoffs will go right down to the wire as will the automatic promotion places.

  7. Coventry fans didn't want to talk to you? The are the only club in that league who's fans are total wankers. Even Portsmouth are alright (except the firework idiot who was an 18 yr old kid and will learn). Even on twitter they were insulting SAFC every chance they got. One guy criticised us for 20,000 empty seats. At least we own the 20,000 empty seats. They're a joke club. No stadium, owned by a hedge fund, their training ground is a dump (its near where I live!), and they don't even play in their own city. Absolute pack of arseholes.

  8. £2-50 for a hot chocolate, holy shit that makes a normal tub of Cadbury worth about £40.😂😂😂Rip off wankers… Hey pal, can't be worse than that bloody Bolton result.! 🥴🥴🥴🥴 Accrington Stanley🙄🙄Fair play to them.. We got a man sent off and just capitulated.. Shite weekend all round. Keep up the vids pal. 👏👏👏👏👏

  9. Life as a football fan eh
    Fucking shit safc nufc and the rest totally crap ,we deserve better ,
    Plus England are shit so we really do have it hard ,plus its fucking freezing in the north also

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