It’s Not About The Money?

The most recent example of this is DeMarco Murray who was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and played 4 season with them.

The original contract that he signed as a rookie was at its end. When this happens the player is eligible for free agency where any team can offer him a new contract in hopes of getting that player.

The Philadelphia Eagles offered 8 million per year and the Cowboys offered 6 million per year to stay with them. Would loyalty to the team that drafted him out of college and gave him a chance to play in the NFL along with familiarity with players, coaches, staff, and the city in which he lives win out?

Nope, he accepted the Eagles offer.

When he was interviewed by the media he was quoted as saying calmly «It’s not about the money» as so many athletes in his position as soon as the ink dries and that rich new contract.

It’s not about the money?

Where he loses his credibility with me is when mentions the reason he signed with the Eagles was because he wanted to win a championship.

Really DeMarco?

Let me get this straight, you just left a team that made it to the second round of the playoffs and won their division. They also have the best offensive line which opens huge holes for you to run through.

So for his statement to make sense he must be going to an even better team than the Cowboys if he wants to win a championship right?


He is leaving to go to a team that didn’t even make the playoffs and had one of the worst offensive lines in football. A bad offensive line means not very many holes for a running back to run through not to mention a shortened career because he will be taking a lot more hits.

But hey «It’s not about the money» right?

C’mon DeMarco let’s keep it real.

To be fair It’s not just him… with most high profile athletes it’s about ego and the respect they feel they get when they are offered more money and this leads to one of the biggest ego boosters; status among peers. Why else would someone leave the close friends they have bonded with for the past 4 years, the familiarity with coaches, not to mention the hassle involved in uprooting their family to another state.

Technically it may about the money (The actual paper it’s written on) but it is ALL about what money represents and that’s fine, let’s not pretend that it’s not; just be honest and keep it real. Instead of having to watch the media interview an athlete calm, cool, and collectively say it’s not about the money just give it to us straight, look the reporter in the eye say what Jerry McGuire famously said «Show me the money!»

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