Highlights: Sunderland v Bolton Wanderers

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Sunderland’s final home game of 2019 ended in a goalless draw with Bolton Wanderers on Boxing Day.

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  1. Parkinson has to go even Bolton fans saying you're getting sacked and tht he's the worst manager they've ever seen why the fuck did u hire this clown 5 at the back against a team in the religation zone fuck off out of are club

  2. I don't want to knock the team but the skills not there. The fitness is still questionable.
    SD I'm sorry but we are now in a position where every other team in the league looks at Sunderland as 3 easy points. You must manage this crisis now or go.

  3. Highlights 😂😂😂 fuck me best joke all xmas. Can any safc fan remember when theres was actually a true highlight because these worthless pieces of shit (from top to bottom) couldn't get a highlight in an Amsterdam brothel with a bag full of diamonds. Donald needs to sell up and piss off, his conned everyone from the start his skint and has bitten off far more than he can chew taking safc on. His a non league chairman and the way safc are heading we may be non league in the not so distant future. Parky out and super kev just to see if it can bring a glimmer of hope to the SOL

  4. This long ball, turgid, result-less football must end now. PP must go. You have taken us to 15th in league one pal, and yet you still sit there and blindly believe January will save you.
    You tried, but failed. 14% win ratio in league one may have been good enough at the other clubs, but not here!

  5. Stewart Donald out he’s been absolutely fucking useless.
    Hopefully the greedy little posh Tory boy is a man of his word(which a very much doubt)and fucks off when he said nobody wants him here anymore.
    He’s also put the block on Netflix Sunderland till a die show which was meant to be out in time for Christmas because he wanted the fiasco of the grigg signing taking out of the show on deadline day.
    Stripped all of the academy of our assets and put somebody in charge of it(his m8)with zero qualifications at the time in charge pissing off all the members of our staff.
    The squad is an absolute disgrace to the city and we are heading to league 2!



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