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POLICE KICK OUT FANS FOR HAVING A BEER – Sunderland vs Bolton Vlog including highlights. THOGDAD FUMING! #safc #bwfc #efl Hit 2.5k likes for …

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  1. Police kicked fans out for having a beer? They should have kicked out absolutely each and every fan in that stadium in order to save them wasting 90 minutes of their life watching that rubbish. I'm a Sunderland fan and I have to say that putting the away fans way up in the section of the ground has taken away a lot of the matchday atmosphere. You mightn't see it up there, but the away fans are totally out of sight and ear shot. There are a lot of people in SAFC who would like to see them moved downstairs where they would add a lot to the atmosphere. Having the away fans tucked away adds nothing to a home team's performance.

  2. The same thing happens at my nufc, your kicked out if you drink alcohol in the stands. Your allowed to when they have rugby at St James'park but not allowed at the football. The only way around is if you have a bottle of pop half filled with your favourite sprit lol.

  3. Look, its ok fans moaning and griping at the police but, they broke ground regulations. Now whether you're aware of this, or not, everytime u pass thru a turnstile into a ground, the ground regulations state that alcohol may nt be consumed within the sight of the playing area. Now i've got 29 years of stewarding behind me, and i've had my share of fun with drunken fans, i've had to stop them entering the ground because they were proper pissed up. Now take this scenario, a man enters the ground, he's had a few bt he's nt wobbling all over the shop. So he gets a beer, and another, and its that 2nd pint which tips him over the edge. He makes his way back to his seat, stumbles and falls, right on top of a juvenile fan, and the poor mite, whilst nt seriously hurt, is in a terrible state. Now if we allowed beer on the terraces, that scenario could easily happen every week ! And if it was your child that got hurt, after checking on them, there's a gud chance u'd say 'Get him out, he's a danger to himself and others', and i wudn't blame u for saying it, but its the club thats allowed it because the law now states that they can. From all my years of experience, i can honestly say beer is fine where it is, we don't need it on the terraces, we're not rugby, and we're not Germany, or USA, we're Britain, and the past has shown us that beer and football can be an explosive mix, bt that's just my opinion folks..

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