Doncaster 1-2 Sunderland | FAN REACTIONS with SHAUN MIDDLETON

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Shaun, Deano and Michael travelled down to Doncaster to watch the lads and hopefully bring home 3 points. They were ready and waiting at the end of the …

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  1. With out been a complete cunt Ross was it simple as that the mistakes got made we paying for it now if Parky pulls it round well there ya go people can't just expect changes like a click of a finger through contracts or it costs the club money man behave marras

  2. Best fans in the country get in Sunderland hopefully a lot more of these performances and results for the rest of the season and also Parky looks like he will be here for the rest of the season at least all we can do is get behind him and the team a few players in January and u never know could just scrape a play off spot

  3. This shit really bothers me – the interviews shouldn’t be happening whilst the game is still going on; it makes the interviewer look plastic for not being in there, and the same for the fans early in the video.

  4. As it goes, I thought Sunderland were absolutely tremendous today – we accept that we lack in quality; but so long as they give 100%, that’s what we ask. That has been missing for weeks and I don’t know what made them change today, but they threw themselves at EVERYTHING. That is all we need as fans to get behind them. HAWAY THE LADS.

  5. That lass from 12:52 through to the end is an absolute joke. None of us really believe Parky is the right man for the job, but she’s calling today’s display “clueless’ when we bettered one of the stronger sides in the league away from home. She strikes me as the type of fan who would rather we lost at Fleetwood just so that she can ram her point home. Cringey as fuck.

    Do I want Parkinson in? No. But if he can get more displays like that out of them he has my backing. If we win the next 10 in a row (hypothetically of course! 😂) I can still see this bitch saying “we’re gonna get bummed by Fleetwood”.

  6. Nice 3 points but lets not get carried away now. You're talking about the playoffs again, why? These days, unfortunatly, Fleetwood and the rest of division 1 are no push overs so lets not count our chickens. We couldn't beat "Bolton" at SoL don't forget. It is goimg to take alot more to impress me.

  7. Habits are hard to break aren’t they? You travel all the way to Doncaster and still leave before the end…. “I think it’s still 1 -2, isn’t it?” … mid table League 1 sounds about right to me. Happy New Year.

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