PART 1 | Sunderland 0-0 Bolton | FAN REACTIONS with SHAUN MIDDLETON

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Shaun and Deano were ready and waiting to get the fans reactions after the home game against Bolton Wanderers… IMPORTANT – Please note that any of the …

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  1. I have lived in Queensland Australia for 27 years before I left I was home & Away every week , I was back in England in October saw three games , Tranmere 5-0 . Oxford away 1-1 beat on penalties – Southend 1- 0 never won since breaks my fucking heart .

  2. What an embarrassing little club with the most deluded set of supporters I have ever met why the hell would one season wonder super kev want to come to this poisonous little club if I remember correctly didn't Sunderland fans always boo him whenever he played against them and why would nigel Pearson come to yous aswelldsce facts mid table league 1 club Parkinson is the type of manager you will have from now on lol

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