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33 comentarios sobre «SUNDERLAND 4-0 WYCOMBE | MATCH REVIEW»

  1. I am enjoying the moment, and if we have turned the corner then I will be truly delighted. We have beaten 2 average teams so far. Let's wait and see how we are in March before we start hailing Parkinson. One swallow and all that. I didn't rate him, and I am happy to be proven wrong. Great work as ever Joel!!

  2. Can we have that ref every week . Unlike Grigg Lafferty will lap it up playing for us . Not talking about the style of football but in terms off attitude . He'll see it as a last chance to play for a big crowd and he'll take it with both hands . His signing definitely signals Parky doesn't fancy Grigg and wants cover for Wyke . Ironic as Grigg could well fair better the way we are currently performing . I didn't want Parky but I didn't fancy any of the names that were being bandied about ether . Thought Ross should've had the rest of the season . However i can not understand those in the fan base that thought we were so abject that Ross had to go not giving the new man , who ever it was , time . If we were so abject how did they expect a turn around as quick as instant mash . Defies logic . Views were clouded because they didn't want Parky in the first place . Knee jerk thinking .

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