Doncaster 1-2 Sunderland – MAKE THAT THE RULE

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It doesn’t change the bigger picture but Sunderland (finally) won a game, beating Doncaster Rovers 2-1 at the Keepmoat Stadium. Let’s enjoy this result …

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  1. Loved the video man. Great to get a sense of the atmosphere as I'm not well enough to get to any games. More of these days would be great wouldn't they? Let's hope this is the start of a run rather than a one off.

  2. I'm really happy and shocked to be honest but looks like the lads actually played with some passion and intensity today which like u said mate should be like that every game hopefully it's something to build on and whether we like Parky or not he must be backed in January come on Sunderland let's revive this season and have a better 2020 keep the faith

  3. It’s all we ask for Michael, passion, hard graft and being proud to wear the shirt. I agree this has to be the rule each week. We have to fear no team home or away. Come on lads let’s take these other teams to the cleaners like we should be doing week after week. Haway the Lads.👍👍⚽️⚽️

  4. i saw you at half time was gonna give u a shout lol, you know what i liked about today ? they fought for every ball and every single 1 put a shift in, we know we not full of class players bt to get out of this league you need hard work and determination and tbh donny had 1 good move and scored from it, we ran it from start to finish without creating many clear cut chances, we looked streets ahead of donny in footballing terms and we have set a marker now for how we should perform

  5. Great to see you with a grin, been a while! I am gonna disagree with Gary A. I am not a Sunderland fan as you know, but the passion and commitment (along with the ££££s) is the essence of being a fan, and always worthy of a comment. As my mum said "if you cant say anything nice, don't say anything". See you at the SoL in 2 weeks ££s permitting.

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