Do Newcastle Fans Feel Sorry For Sunderland? | FAN VIEW

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With Sunderland languishing near the bottom of the Championship, let’s ask some Newcastle fans whether they feel sorry for their Tyne-Wear rivals.

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha no way mackems are the most arrogant and deluded fans in this country they truly believe that they are as big as us couldn't touch us with a barge pole they come and shop at fenwicks in their steriotypical red and white Adidas trainers lol and drink on the diamond strip passing their selves off as Geordie just like they do abroad absolute laughing stock of a city Geordies are universally known but no one knows who or what a mackems is. Walsall away next season hahahahahah

  2. Mackems always obsess over the big club up the road. I don't know one geordie that looks the other way. And just for the record congrats on your 6 in a row. As I recall they didn't beat the toon in the league for 26 years at joker Park.

  3. Fuck them!!! I hope they fall of the face of the earth… no, they have already done that. Empty stadium, shite city they cannot fall fast enough for me. Stupid question though its like asking do bears shit in the woods

  4. Why are northern people so characterless, dull, boring and ugly? Their whining high pitch childish voices are irritating. "They said we said they said us", what the hell does that mean?Grow up you dull FXXking bastard,s. No wonder no decent player,s will come to Northern club,s. Can you imagine Cristian Ronaldo living on Tyneside or Sunderland? He,d commit suicide

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