Sunderland v Coventry. FANS PLAY NICE.

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Sunderland welcome Coventry City to the stadium of light on Saturday and its going to be a really hard match as Coventry are in great form. Mark Robbins team …

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  1. Right, First and for most I HAVE to say that "Some" Coventry Fans are full of trash but like u said 95% of our fans are really loyal and respectful to other fans no matter where or who u support. I would like to say on behalf of Every CCFC Fans, I would like to apologise about your eye. I got No disrespect for Sunderland AFC fans at all..nor u brother for that matter. I hope Coventry Wins this match in a heartbeat. I doubt it's gonna be a really tough game and for me i'm going for a 2-1 Victory to Cov. I really enjoyed ur video's mate!. Let's hope we win the match along side the God Father of Coventry City FC *Mark Robins*. Best of luck for Sunderland though and i'm expecting a really tough competition. 😉

  2. OK here we go – blooding the "youngsters" at Gillingham and the ones that will play are all "under 23" – it's about time too!
    When are these players going to qualify to be thought of as men? I was married and running a news distribution warehouse at 22 (10 hour shift on nights)
    4cast; Gills 2 SAFC 3 & SAFC 2 Cov 2

  3. I was a groundsman at Gillingham cricket ground when they relegated Sunderland after Gillingham I moved to Coventry and worked as a paint sprayer before moving back to Newcastle so Gillingham haven't let me down come on cov make it a good week for me

  4. Well I hate to say this .. But I think Coventry might nick this one OR a draw…
    They have only LOST TWO LEAGUE GAMES out of seventeen played… Just had a look on a famous betting exchange called Be+fair …. It is about the even money mark for Coventry AND the draw..
    So if I put a twenty spot on this bet ..I have Coventry and I have the draw … to collect 40 quid in total ….
    Do you know I don't think this is a bad bet…
    OK so I loss a twenty spot if Sunderland win…. But they are just not playing that well at the minute Sunderland
    I predict …
    Sunderland 1 Coventry 1 .. Full time score.
    I am going to stick a twenty spot on this bet and put my money where my mouth is…
    EDIT…So much for my couple of quid on SAFC to win the FA cup at 500/1 … But that is why it was 500/1 I suppose.

  5. Can't see us getting better than 1-1 v Coventry. Think we've gone backwards since sacking Jack Ross. Phil Parkison's another Simon Grayson for my money. Hope I'm wrong. A certain Mr Pochettino has become available today – maybe we could get him in …. well I can dream can't I?

  6. sunderland fans started the trouble in the wheatsheafe when they started singing jimmy's in a box..and dont you think your club need to look at their segregation it is its recipe for disaster…but then sunderland are snowflakes who are always right and never do anything wrong,always the victim..dont forget your fans started this rivalry when they were going on about how they were going to wreck the jimmy hill statue and memorial was taken seriously because the garden was closed and the statue had guards on it

  7. Cov Fan here, I'm going for a 2-1 win for Sunderland, I've actually put money on a Sunderland win so if my prediction is right I won't be too disappointed, we are currently struggling with Injuries & suspension (9 in total I think it is).

    Regarding the trouble at last year's game, I wasn't there myself so can't say who did what, but I agree that trouble makers need dealing with, I do predict a top 6 finish for Sunderland, auto or playoff position I wouldn't like to say,

    Good luck for the rest of your season 👍

  8. Yes last year was poorly policed. But it being a big rivalry and all cov fans aren’t going to stop with jimmy hill who’s a Coventry legend and wasnt liked by many. However I think that it will be a 2-0 win to cov but will be a scrappy game

  9. Really wish I was going but I can’t this time round due to work. Had an absolute blast last year and a really good day with family and friends. I think and not being biased I think we’ll either sneak a win or it will be a draw. We look good so far but this will be our first real test I think for us

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