Doncaster v Sunderland Preview. WE CAN WIN IT.

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Sunderland go to the keepmoat stadium to take on Doncaster Rovers who are on the same points. Can Phil Parkinson take the three points we have to beleive.

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  1. Posted this on Portsmouth Message Board "The Mackem blogger Themadmstake is top class, his videos and insights are all we need to know about Mackemland, he also is not bad at singing"

    So you have your happy Christmas present from the South Coast. Maybe Parkinson should try not sticking a Gillingham side 6-3-1 until the 78th minute defence and go for attack, Kenny Jackett tried it finally in the last few games and it seems to be working.

    Good luck lads 2-1 from me for you

  2. GREAT video (But they always are)
    Just looked at the betting for this match .. Bet 365 are going 21/10 for Sunderland to Win this match .. It is the best price on the planet (As of 28th Dec 01.05pm)
    Sunderland have got to start winning matches soon surely .. i fancy a full-time score of Doncaster 0 Sunderland 1…. Just got a feeling this is the turning point for Sunderland… LUMP ON AT 21/10 Sunderland win (Bet 365) Before they change the price .
    EDIT… Got £50 on Sunderland at 21/10 (Straight Win) to return £155 … Fingers crossed

  3. Iam Doncaster Rovers fan looking forward to the game on Sunday The Blogs are great probably be a Drew we had stop and start season we only got about 4 players left from last seasons squad We practically a new team a new manger We won 3.0 at Peterborough last time out we were brilliant no one except that so bring more hope but I till think be drew I thought both Sunderland and Donny would be at the top end of table but looks like both Sunderland and Donny will be mid table regardless of the result on Sunday

  4. Two chances at Doncaster,slim and none,the dynamic duo Watfor and Wyke in the team.Wyke a goal every 10 games Watfor 7 years at the club has he got 7 goals yet?.Add lead legs Leadbitter Parkinsons tactics and enthusiasim on the line.ARGAAAAH.

  5. 🎶Needs to be sung to the tune o Ding Dong Merrily on High:
    Ding Donny merrily on high
    We're playing them on Sunday,
    Will we lose away again,
    Or will it be a fun day?,
    I don't think that we will score and Donny will score four , with Parky shown the door and then,
    The Mackems will be happy.
    Unfortunately, four nil to Doncaster, cos we are shit😠

  6. Going for 0-0, and that would be a good result for us – that's how bad its got. Yes, SKP would be brilliant if it worked out but we can't afford to get the next appointment wrong. Unfortunately SKP is untested. So, you won't like this ….. but I would get Neil Warnock in. It might not be pretty but it is effective, and if we changed now, we could reach the playoffs easy.

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