London 2012 Olympic Coins

London 2012 fever begins with new commemorative coins

With the London Olympics during ever closer – the anticipation is slowly growing. To help keep the nations focus on the forthcoming London 2012 Olympics newly designed 50p coins commemorating the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics are now in circulation across England and Wales. Commissioned as part of a public competition held by the Royal Mint, the winning coins were chosen from approximately 30,000 entries.

The special London 2012 Olympic 50p coins feature familiar Olympic sports like swimming, basketball and athletics as well as the less well known sports like boccia – a Paralympic sport. When announcing the coins’ launch, London 2012 Olympic chairman Lord Coe said:

«Coins are a part of the fabric of our daily life, so to have a range of coins designed specifically to celebrate London 2012 is a huge honour – made all the more special by the fact that members of the public have designed them.»

In order to fit with the all-inclusive, universal image of the London games, the successful coin designers represent a rich selection of society, from a Manchester police office to a Bristol schoolgirl.

The new London 2012 Olympics 50p coins have all been approved by the Queen and the Treasury and, amazingly, this is the first time any public-designed coins have gone into national circulation during the Royal Mint’s thousand year history! With over 87 million London 50p coins going into general circulation during the next year, there should be plenty of chances for people to collect the full set of designs – just keep a close eye on your change!

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