Hall of Fame Madness – Getting Reggie White Autographed Memorabilia

What’s the fuss about Reggie White, and why do so many football enthusiasts rush after his autographed memorabilia? Born a few days before Christmas in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Reggie White played defensive tackle for a number of teams, such as the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles. He likewise won NFL awards in the process, and was for some time the consistent recipient of the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award.

This Minister of Defense, Reggie White scored and won as both an Evangelical Christian and a Pro-football player. One of the greatest leaders in sacks in all of NFL’s history, Reggie White actually began as a college football player, retired from the Green Bay Packers, and then returned to the NFL to play football all over again. He is ranked among the one hundred greatest football players of all time, making Reggie White memorabilia precious amongst football enthusiasts.

Are you a football fan willing to invest in autographed memorabilia, or fan memorabilia related to Reggie White? Here are a few things that you may want to collect and pray a pretty penny for, whether you seek to decorate your home with Reggie White-related goods, or sell them again at your own collector’s store or auction.

– For the earliest years of Reggie White the athlete, begin at the beginning and look for his University of Tennessee memorabilia. Reggie White still holds school records for the highest number of sacks in a player’s career, in one season, and in a single game. There are pictures of Reggie White available, as a student, and as a player with his team.

– After college, Reggie White joined the football league’s Memphis Showboats. This short stint of two seasons yielded but a few signed pictures, but autographed memorabilia from this era are quite precious, especially since the USFL was dismantled a few years later, leading to White’s move to the NFL.

– Because the Philadelphia Eagles held his NFL rights, Reggie White moved to the Eagles and played for a total of eight seasons with them. He went on to set sack records with the team, as well as to pick up awards for his various achievements with the Eagles. Many autographed pictures, cards, and even pigskins are available from this era of White’s career. There are also books about the Philadelphia Eagles that Reggie White signed, so look out for them at your collector’s shops.

– Reggie White’s stint with the Green Bay Packers lasted for about six seasons, and his propensity for winning football-related awards decreased. Autographed memorabilia from this time, however, are still very much available, especially since he was part of the winning Super Bowl team in the Super Bowl’s thirty-first year. You can find many team pictures, pigskins, and football cards with Reggie White’s signature.

– Although White retired in 1998, he returned the following year to the NFL to play for the Carolina Panthers. In his last playing season, White played below par, and thus retired. Most memorabilia from this season are easy to come by and relatively cheap, but they will one day be expensive due to the nature of the game at this point in White’s career.

– After Reggie White finally retired, he spent time at his church and even studied the Torah. He then began to make the rounds of television interviews and magazine coverage. If you want to get memorabilia of Reggie White the religious, then look for signed memorabilia from this time, which can include pictures and magazine articles of him.

Reggie White died the day after Christmas 2004. In the following season, the Green Bay Packers, University of Tennessee, and Philadelphia Eagles football teams retired the number 92 jersey that Reggie White wore as a player. In his lifetime, Reggie White had not only autographed photos, articles, and jerseys, he had also played a great game of football that many players would remember and emulate in years to come.

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