Football Rivalries : Newcastle United v Sunderland

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A short documentary looking into the history and background of the Tyne-Wear derby. Why is there so much hatred between the two sides? Includes interviews …

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  1. Comon who are we kidding i bleed black and white but our derby is not a patch on liv/eve utd/city tot/ars sou/por i could go on. I work around the country and its surpising how many people talk about the falcons instead of utd when they talk about newcastle which pisses me off. At the liverpool game there was a bunch of morons chanting sports direct arena,

  2. what about gateshead theirs 100s of sunderland fans here we are classed as county durham until now its tyne n wear some in the 70s we used to chant geordies here geordies there geordies every fecking where remember spurs away 77ish we chanted [ a naa geordies father n geordies father naas me ] the cockneys just looked at us bewilderd . once we all met in trafalger pub before mags away league cup replay our local for many of us cops took us over high level bridge to station 40 of us mags with us

  3. before you have a pop had routes in both born consett mother from sunderland brought up in gateshead thats all county durham not northumberland .. old gateshead lads had a right rep in 70s 80s took 2 buses away most times if not just for the night out thats why most went the night out after a game … only once did we have it with gateshead mags most times we left each other alone bar the toony drinkers from gateshead who would grass us with our lasses to toonies if we wonderd over on weekends

  4. by the way i hate mags with a passion i always will reasons never forgotton unprintable 1972 as a kid at 11 witnessed a bad moment but i do respect a few gateshead mags who i grew up with drank with footy with cricket with fought alongside at times against toonies frid neets not footy related that will never change but on a match day its still red mist against them over the wata i cannot lie on this as to gateshead it was always divided n always will be but mostly mags being so close t them

  5. A shit sport? Well how can it be a shit sport when its the most popular sport on the planet! well taking the piss out of names like 'Geordies' and 'Mackems' is just stupid as i'm sure there are certain names for people and teams over in yank land that sound gay as fuck to the rest of the world and as far as Hockey is concerned you can't even see the dam puck most of the time, and its all just elbow charging eachother to death and most of the world can't give two flimsy little fucks about hockey

  6. Best derby in the country, has to be, fair play to the mackems they play their part making it know that the north east is the most intense derby in England, you may disagree but you don't know how it is up here, it's everything, everything revolves around Newcastle vs Sunderland

  7. The 12 mile gap between Sunderland and Newcastle is imaginary, it does not exist. The 12 miles miles they speak of in this footage is from Sunderland City centre to Newcastle city centre. Think about it, when you step out of Wearside with one foot, your foot will step into Tyneside. No 12 miles it does not exist.

  8. More chance of Sunderland v South Shields being the Derby these days.. As a Newcastle fan. I am not gloating.. I am gutted . The Best Derby bar none is NUFC V SAFC in the top flight. Its a show case to the world… The Passion from both sets of fans is truly unrivalled.. I for one wish SAFC all the best and ,lets get back to the top flight rivalry that is the envy of the football world..

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