Sunderland Fan Charged!!!!… Sunderland 1-0 Southend Vlog.

Sunderland beat Southend United 1-0 in a boring football match but 3 points is the most imporant outcome today. Sol Campbell had his team much improved …

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  1. Hi mate I saw Charlie methven today and I asked him were is Stewart Donald he said in japan and then we asked about the takeover and he stayed quite anyways mate I think we didn’t play well today despite the goal but I do think we deserved to win though and i hope Southend stay up my man of the match would is Luke onien. Megeady didn’t play well I think we are better with out him even though that sounds a bit dramatic. I also think we should play McNulty upfront instead of will Grigg what does will grigg bring to the table I have been holding back on this but 4 million has just went down the drain anyways great vid mate keep grinding and also can you shout out my Instagram account, Iam GB LOL 11 please mate on your next vid mate cheers 👍👍

  2. Would be interesting to pass Mick's case to a contract lawyer. Someone might contradict me but I think the contract is formed when the club accepts the person's payment for the season card. The physical ticket is simply a receipt, a proof of purchase. However, Mick proved that he had made the payment by going in to the ticket office and the cashier calling up his account. He definitely should not have been charged – I hope he does get that extra amount refunded!

  3. Sorry The mad mistake but it was very poor today lethargic and the opposition looked like a non league team. Mcgeady has gone downhill since last season and grigg is just awful . We will scrape into play offs if we are lucky.

  4. Will Grigg sucks balls and he doesn't want to be at Sunderland, the manager is poor, the football is poor and we are poor! We can't win games with a bunch of natural born losers and it absolutely ruins me to say it!!!

    I wish we could go back to having bang average players like Bardsley, Gardner, Turner, STEEEED, a bunch of lads who played for the fucking shirt!!!!! Weren't world beaters but they played for their pay slip!!

  5. A "Workman like" win 1- 0
    Three points is three points … Got to be happy with it.
    Next LEAGUE game is Bristol Rovers away I think its on 16th Nov (It is FA cup first round action next weekend)
    Bristol Rovers and SAFC both on 25 points and both have very similar form … This game will be slightly more tricky .
    Bristol Rovers have there eye on promotion as well don't forget, So they will give Sunderland a game.
    EDIT…. Just looked at the betting for the FA cup winner…
    Sunderland are 500/1 with Bet V++tor to win the FA cup and it is the best price on the planet (As of 2nd November)
    Is it worth a £2 bet to get a grand?
    Go on I will put a £2 bet on.. Just for a laugh …
    Why not they done it in 1973.
    Then again football had not been ruined by ££££££ back then….
    The gap between the haves and the have nots is too big now in football.
    You have teams in league 1 and league 2 struggling just survive and tossers like Man City and Liverpool can pay some of their players a quarter of a fucking million pound a WEEK … It is so wrong!
    Sorry rant over .. I am a bit pissed someone went into the back of my car when I stopped at traffic lights on the way to Darlington this evening ..No one hurt but my car needs a rear light cluster and a new bumper .. Then when you renew your car insurance they stick it right up you.
    I would have been better off stopping in w++king to p+rn video's ..PMSL

  6. Tommy K on Mushy Peas….Philistine….Please keep us updated on the Mick situation…..How much longer are we going to persist with Grigg & McNumpty. Kimpioka should be banging on the managers door demanding a few games. Grigg cannot rely on others to set him up, he has to make goals out of nothing AKA Marco & Kevin. Having said that when the demon duo had the chance against Oxford to score, they both missed….says it all…….PS Where is Ozturk

  7. Class vlog again mate poor game but at the end of the day 3pts is all that matters weve gotta spend in jan dont know how much is in the pot but were crying out 4 a consistant goal scorer griggs just not cutting it mate whats with all that sauce 4me brown sauce everytime🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪👍

  8. Mr Mad, I am afraid I must disagree with your admiration of Will Grigg. All possible combinations of trying to get him to score goals has failed. Yet O'Nien strolls into the box and scores… again. Grigg should be dropped indefinately or at least for the immediate future and O'Nien should take up his position in the team. Why are we playing O'Nien at full back or even midfield when we could have a super Kev mark 2 on our hands?

  9. Its not good customer service charging a loyal supporter & season ticket holder & they'll know how long he's been a season ticket holder as well, putting money into the club to watch defeat after defeat in the Prem, then relegation after relegation to League1. I sometimes think this is one of the deep rooted problems at Sunderland, which is taking the support for granted & not recognising fans who always turn up through the bad times & the even worse times.

  10. Thanks for all the donkey work interviewing fans, I enjoy all that.
    I agree with your review…I didn't do a forecast but it'd have been 5/6 nil to us and wrong. Anyway 3 points and clean sheet which is a rarity – nuff said.

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