War Thunder Community Choice, Sunderland Mk V Ace in a Day! (Reupload)

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Hey folks, today its another Community Choice vote, and today we have the Sunderland Mk V and the Mig-3-15! We get slaughtered in an uptier, but make up for …

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  1. Welp I honestly don't blame the 112, I'd rather give the kill to a honey badger than a CW2OP4U probably flown by a stat padding dick. And I'd be happy if they added birds like the Wildcatfish and Spitfloat, hell throw in the German flying shoe and the Italian float while they are add it.

    But sadly they can't charge $50 a pop to tanker trash so they can be CASholes with those so I seriously doubt we'll ever see 'em.

  2. I was wondering why there was 2, but anyway i do like the Sunderland but i find the 7.7s to be very lacking,although the 50 cals help I find that the b34 even tho its higher is much more effective

  3. Volume is perfect now, btw. Thanks! Keep up the good content, and I finally found some free time to vote. I would also like them to flesh out the lower BR's, and I'd love to see a WW1 bracket, where they do the bi-planes and low tier stuff and separate it from all the 1930+ stuff. That would be a lot of fun without getting clubbed by CW21's and HE100'S.

  4. Awwwww, that poor B.R.20 M1. I just spaded that thing (last night thankfully in 3 matches) after ignoring it since it was introduced. At its BR it's not bad so long as you AVOID ENEMY CONTACT AT ALL COSTS! It is fairly tanky and has a decent bomb load but those guns are trash and have very limited useful traverse. He should have stayed away.

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