Bobby Thompson on Margaret Thatcher – Sunderland Empire 1984

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The Little Waster has a dream ……

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  1. Another hilarious thing to note, is that thses sort of videos, (From the north east of England!)… Have very little comments or views, because Americans can't see past Benny Hill or Monty Pie…. Thornnn.!

  2. Bobby Thompson a brilliant local comedian born in Penshaw Village a mining community in Sunderland who gained thousands of fans around the whole of the North East area. As good as Bobby was he could never have gone any further than the North East with his act as with his very strong and local dialect and his use of some very old pitmatic words even a few locals had difficulty understanding him , he told it how it was in the so called good old days of poor pay, mass unemployment and poverty. I loved his homemade stories of meeting Neville Chamberlain in the fish shop and Bobby speaking to HER MAJ Liz on the phone and her telling him that Phillip had gone to the beach on his bike looking for Coal and that she would have to ring orf cause she had a Pan of Chips on For When Phillip Get's Back. Absolute Magic.

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