Rafa Benitez reveals the instant fixes needed at Arsenal | Monday Night Football

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  1. With the exception of selling Alonso & signing one or two absolute turkeys (Josemi & Kromkamp, remember them…..me neither!), you have to say Benitez is a fantastic manager & a brilliant tactician. His analysis of football is second to none. I’d welcome him at Arsenal all day long!

    That Newcastle team, on paper, had absolutely no right to stay up in the Premiership last season. I was saying they were a goner (and so were many others) before the season started. However, they were comfortably away from the relegation zone & it was all down to Benitez. All that talk of Guardiola & Klopp being the best managers last season, Benitez’s achievement definitely outweighed theirs. Imagine what he could have done had Ashley supported him? Benitez spent virtually nothing there!

  2. Klopp, Mourinho, Guardiola, and Rafa, all in the same league. That would be amazing. As a Liverpool fan, it'd break my heart, but a man of Rafa's quality MUST be managing a big club. Arsenal is a big club that's fallen on hard times. Rafa is the man to turn their fortunes around. YNWA

  3. The squad of arsenal did not look much better than the 10th place in EPL. So without finding right talented players you can't go any further. It's not going to be solved with a new trainer. The Management of arsenal is much more in charge of the actual misery.

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