Portsmouth 2-0 Sunderland. MEN V BOYS.

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Portsmouth easy beat Sunderland today 2-0. Take your mind off the defeat with a good laugh my London Vlog….

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  1. Unlucky on the result for you guys today. I thought you had moments when you played well but we were the better side today. Think you really struggled when Wyke came off at HT with no service up top. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  2. As a Pompey fan that has been following you for a year or so (as in the person, not SFC!) and I was at the game I will try to give you my honest review.
    For the first 20 mins you were out the blocks and were clearly bang up for it. We gradually got back into it, scored and were happy with 1-0 at half time.
    2nd half: What happened to you? Seriously you totally lost it, out gunned, out thought, out manoeuvred. 2-0 flattered you. It seems the crowd got to some of your players (Maguire couldn’t get off the pitch quick enough when subbed) and it was possibly the worst performance, no it was a surrender, of an away team at Fratton this season.
    I’m not sure any of your fans really thought they would win today, 1800 but no real conviction, oh and throwing a red flare on the pitch after the final whistle, when it was clearly taken into the ground to let off when you scored, was just embarrassing.
    You are a top fan, who clearly loves Sunderland (as all real fans love their club) and on a personal level I wish you well for the rest of the season, I really hope we don’t meet again this season, & who knows, maybe next season we’ll do it all again, in the Championship!!

  3. I so hope that was just a bad day at the office mate portsmouth deserved the win 2day weve been screaming out 4 a proven goalscorer no disrespect 2 the young lad we signed hope he gets a run in team were not gona get regular goals off wyke and lafferty mate since we first went into league one have we ever been top anyway class vid the good thing bout 2day🔴⚪

  4. Keeper saved you today, the save he made from the header that would’ve been an OG int he first half is the best I’ve ever seen in any football match. If it wasn’t for him it would’ve been at least 5 today.

  5. You started really well put us under pressure. We started a bit slow and I swore that O Nien shot was going in the top corner, hits the post, off our keepers back and fortunately didn't trickle over the line! Then we scored, should've had a 2nd within minutes. Scored early 2nd half and the Sunderland threat was almost non existent the rest of the game. From then on we really should've scored 2 or 3 more but for wasteful finishing. I was in the Jackett out brigade earlier this season, he was too negative but I have to eat humble pie, he's adapted and turned it around big style and proved doubters like me wrong. Sincerely hope your player Lynch recovers well, must've been a really nasty one as it took a long long time for the medics just to get him up onto the trolley. Huge noise from both sets of fans today, brilliant atmosphere. Hopefully next time we play you will be in the championship!

  6. Great game, but i won’t lie, the Sunderland fans were disappointingly quiet. I expected a rowdy crowd on their end but unfortunately it seemed their fans and their team just didn’t turn up mentally.

    Goodluck for the rest of the season though, I do want to see you lads climb back up to the premiership.

  7. A masterpiece of honest humility , as always ..love your irrepessible enthusiasm, personifying the Sunderland way!!! But as I said week's ago,….I predict Pompey surge to title joined on the journey to the championship by yourselves… Any true fan of football fandom know our two teams are too good for the third tier !!!!
    I for one,…of most Pompey fans, wish Sunderland all the best in the rest of the season

  8. Hope this was just a blip and we can come back stronger and wiser. Some tough games coming up and we need to get this wimpish performance cast well aside otherwise we will end up mid table again. The longer we linger in this horrendous league the harder it will be to get out. Very disappointed today. ☹️☹️☹️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  9. It's disappointing mate but we've had a good run the main thing is we bounce back and beat Ipswich next week to keep our Automatic Promotion hopes alive if not its gonna be a battle just to get into the play offs anyway it's not the end of the world Portsmouth are unbeaten at home this season it's been a long time since we beat them there keep the faith lads

  10. Mad you are bang on your report. I would have expected your team to be prepared for our new ability to score from set pieces. We were saying all through the second half where is the counter attack the fire and aggresion from the Mackems, it never came.
    Now you will need to bash Ipswich to help with our promotion drives. Yes Kenny "the hampster" Jacket got MOTM and warranted it. I like many was against him first 3 months of the season but now I doff my hat and the Eisseners (owners) support is paying off big time.

    Looking forward to your report when Parkinson picks the right team against the Tractor Boys and you return to winning ways Play Up Pompey.

  11. Hi TeL, so love your videos. The one when you were in London a couple of weeks ago was truly compulsive viewing. I notice that there are a hell of a lot of Pompey fans commenting on your channel. I’ve been watching you for over a year now and for me your honesty, enthusiasm, humour and passion is delightful. I think the Pompey fans can connect with you.WE LOVE YA. As a Pompey fan I know it’s weird but along with us, I so want you guys to get back to where you belong and deserve. Sunderland has brilliant passionate fans and of. course have suffered greatly over the past 10 years.This match was a premiership match 10 years ago.
    I agree with you about Ozturk. The defence is much better with him in the side. Class tough defender. Are you doing the SAFC TV Sunday? Can you discuss this? Best wishes my good man.

  12. No set of fans in the history of football have had a bigger turn around about there manager then Sunderland fans 8 games ago he was hated and you were never going to get premonition with him in charge mate few wins and he is best manager in the world

  13. From what I saw today, Sunderland looked incredibly clumsy. So many mis-hit clearances/passes, Wyke slid in studs up on Bass who had the ball in his hands at the time. Then unfortunate freak accident with Lynch, I think Parkinson tried to blame Harrison for that but he had every right to go for the ball, it was just an accidental collision with the keeper. I think we all showed great respect as he was taken off to hospital and wish him the best. That was definitely the worst I’ve seen Sunderland play against us though and it wasn’t the best we’ve played all season either.

  14. Terrible performance today from the lads I also agree about mcnulty I don’t even know if parky has started him in the league ever since he came in and hr would be really fit now and why are we not playing scowen he can start in the championship so why are we not playing him semenyo was Poor today and unfortunately I think we won’t go up because we don’t have a striker that’s scoring goals i hope semenyou proves me wrong but I just can’t see him scoring and to me that’s the difference between us and lots of other teams

  15. Good evening Mad Mistake, you are always true to form in analysis, humble and first class in your review of all games and every team in the league & their supporters etc . I bloody appreciate it mate, Pompey had too much pace for us today and their home ground fortress this season proved too much for us. It all comes down to Parko, he came in we had a good win and then fell to shit, then 9 game unbeaten run. After losing to Pompey are we heading down another shit storm? Hope not but we'll see my mate, all the best 🍻

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