Highlights: MK Dons v Sunderland

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A Lynden Gooch wonder strike sealed victory at MK Dons on Saturday, as Sunderland extended their unbeaten run to seven games.

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  1. Fantastic goal …fantastic run of form but it should have been about 8-0 why cant this team score the easier goals from 3 yards out etc as this video showed and then winning goal has to come from about 25 yards out …we need to be putting away these easy attempts on goal especially against MK dons and not leaving it till 80 minutes…still buzzing with 3 points

  2. Always loved Gooch always calling for him to be played love his passion for the club watched him through the ranks and he will be a real good player with the right coaching and players around him.

  3. After the last few performances I must say yesterday disappointed me, but 3 points is 3 points and 1 sloppy performance I can deal with as long as we get back to dominating teams next week!! Haway lads.

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