THE JOCKEY OFF. Sunderland 0-0 Doncaster

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THE REFEREE WAS REALLY POOR….Doncaster came to the stadium of light and earned a good draw well done DONNY ROVERS…Sunderland still unbeaten …

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  1. Charlie Wyke was awfull today I can't remember him winning a single challenge today tierd of seeing him in the team at least grigg has good ball controle and a bit of trickery Wyke was completely useless while grigg dosnt even make the bench no point having mcnulty on the bench anymore as he's about to leave

  2. Great vlog mate as for the game I'm a little disappointed aside from the back 3 especially Lynch who was my MOTM I thought the team was really poor tonight especially Dobson and Power both give the ball away to many times causing problems for others not offering anything going forward Doncaster dominated the central midfield mainly in the first half we need players badly we need 2 centre mids in a playmaker and someone who can actually put in a good tackle with plenty of energy and another LB I know he's been good recently but Hume was poor wouldn't take his man on and poor crosses into the box sorry for all the negativity positives unbeaten in 8, 3 clean sheets in a row and another point on the board however Tranmere is a must win now especially when we have Portsmouth after tough games coming up and this was a missed opportunity tonight but we move on haway the lads we're still going up

  3. Great vlog from a donny fan I'm surprised we got a draw i hope last game was a 1 of and we got Southend Tuesday night i think we could close the gap going to be interesting top 10 i think you will go up and good look for the rest of the season keep the videos going and come on Darren Moore we need a striker absolutely bad just get 1 in i don't care who but just get 1 in

  4. Would’ve been nice to have taken all 3 points but it’s another clean sheet and point in the right direction.
    We’re slowly creeping towards that top 2 and hopefully we can just get another 2-3 quality additions and we should have a great chance of getting there👊🏻

  5. Just a note on what you said about Rangers – Rangers and Celtic are considered to be league one standard and the rest of the Scottish PL are league 2. That's why so many players play on loan in League 1 from them. They aren't as good as youd think…

  6. Great vlog the referee was crap as always it’s not even a surprise now the efl needs to sort them out say if you not doing your job properly you get sacked then why are these referees still refereeing But still we didn’t play well today Doncaster were better then us 0-0 was fair and fuck sky for making our game on a Friday

  7. Ref was worse ive seen since we got relegated. And that is saying something. Poor game but Phill is same as Ross sticks to plan A and teams suss it out. But big 7 days as we need a couple new players a forward with pace is essential. Time for SD to proove he aint full of hot air. My bet another on loan and 2nd Febuary SD says club isnt for sale anymore well untill summer transfer window lol

  8. Another quality Vblog.
    Disappointing result.

    This team lack penetration from midfield, Doncaster set up for a point and deserved the result
    They put two men on Gooch all game and we were never a threat to be honest

  9. Not 2 downbeat mate think other teams are doing homework on us now still unbeaten though think were still a couple more signings away maybe another 2 in ref should be punished what a shambles he was roll on wed brilliant vid again by the way big 👏2 the fans class🔴⚪🔴⚪

  10. Parkinson has been going on about the transfer window since he came,make or break for him and Donald this week,no plan b during games ,Power and Dobson create nothing Wyke is bang average.if nobody comes in Donald was talking bollocks about backing Parkinson.great video roll on next game.

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