Sunderland v Doncaster Preview And Bailey Wright Signs.

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MY LONDON VLOG. Sunderland welcome Donny Rovers to the Stadium of Light on Friday night.

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  1. As an aussie Sunderland fan, it is good to see Bailey Wright come to the club. Hopefully, he will do well and help the club win League one or finish second. Sunderland 3 Doncaster 1. One thing mate, Fosters has no profile in Australia. it is not marketed here and not sold here (well, not very much). The real (common) aussie beers are Toohey, VB, Carlton, James Boag & XXXX.

  2. Bailey Wright – Bristol City have said their goodbyes "We thank him for his service etc" to Bailey, so he could well end up yours on a free.
    Although he has hardly played this season, he is still obviously held in very high regard in the dressing room, both personally and for his leadership qualities.
    He is an experienced, committed professional who always puts the team first. It seems to me just the type you need to help you out of that league.
    For those that have checked the forums and see some City fans knocking him, bear in mind (as they didn't) that,

    1. They are comparing him to Webster (Sold 20m) – Kalas (Bought 8m) – Flint (Sold 7m?) and Baker, who was considered the best CB we'd had in years when we initially had him on loan.
    2. Due to injuries he was often played out of position at LB, and possibly RB. (Fading memory)
    3. Again due to injuries, he was frequently playing without being 100% fit.

    I don't know how patient Sunderland fans are at the moment, but you need to remember he's not going to be match fit for a while.
    Give the guy the support he deserves, and I'm sure he will turn out to be a major asset for you.
    Good Luck to you and Bailey.

  3. Wouldn't it be bonny,
    If we went and beat the Donny,
    Yes it would be bloody ace,
    To move right into fourth place,
    And start looking up the table,
    To finish top we should be able,
    So tomorrow we'll score three ,
    And the Donny none, you'll see.
    3-0 to the Cats. Ha'way The Lads

  4. My head says 1-1. My heart says 2-1. Gonna go with my heart …. 2-1 to the lads. Maguire + Lafferty to scrore. Great vid as always – hope your gob's better. Not too tooth hurty (2.30 cryptic!)

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