Sunderland votes in favour of leaving the European Union

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Sunderland votes heavily in favour of leaving the European Union. Subscribe to Guardian Wires ▻ The Guardian …

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  1. The people of Sunderland seem curiously indifferent to their own welfare, so here are some important safety hints for all Mackems:
    1 The sledge hammer is a useful tool for breaking up concrete, demolishing brick walls etc. However, hitting yourself on the head with it may cause serious injury.
    2 If you have lace-up shoes, you have to lace up each shoe individually. On no account tie the shoes together. This could cause serious injury if you should then need, for example, to run off to work … or if you are reading this in around 2020, the unemployment benefit office.
    3 If you are at the top of a tall ladder, try to avoid stepping backwards to see how the job is going.
    4 If you are a Sunderland turkey, beware of referendums regarding the Christmas season. It's tempting to fall for the tinsel and pretty lights, but a vote in favour may be prejudicial to your long-term future.

  2. 700 jobs lost and that's just the beginning…..And you thought life would be better, well it's going to get a whole lot worse for you……Inward looking Sunderland Brexiteers, serves you right.

  3. Means you’ll have less opportunities as you can’t work in the EU anymore without strong degrees like you Brits can’t work in USA. Why remove opportunistic futures doesn’t really make sense but I’m not a Brit so lol. Not my problem.

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