Thogden and Referee Saves Bolton. Sunderland 0-0 Bolton.

camiseta rayo vallecano El conjunto es como esperaba, la talla genial para un niño de 3 años y además ahí creo que no lo pone pero vienen con unos calcetines que me e ahorrado!

Sunderland are held to a draw by Bolton after Referee saves them. We interviewed Thogden and Thogdad before the match two great youtubers. Phil Parkinson …

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  1. Season over heading towards the bottom within next 4 games with the games coming up with theses same players . Take Will Grigg drop him in the middle of Australian wild fires he will put them out instantly . Bolton will survive . Kevin Phillips had plenty of chances to return but he's not he's looking at other clubs . Terrible team terrible manager

  2. We to start voting with our feet phil parkinson will not get sack because Stewart Donald has not got the money why is still people still going to watch that shit im so fed up now our club is not the club i fell in love with this is the most dirfted iv been supporting Sunderland in my 34 years of life iv never hated my club the owner the manager so much hart broken thank you Stewart Donald for making me feel like this

  3. Another great video, love the honesty in your reviews of games.
    Phil Parkinson was the wrong choose in the first place, though I do not agree to Kevin Phillips replacing him, perhaps Kev as an understudy to a more experienced manager, there are many out there

  4. Terrible result, spoilt my birthday. good goal disallowed.Goalkeepers are more protected than Giant panda's. Parkinson should walk away and admit the job is to big for him. Donald must BUY at the start of the window and not wait for the end as we will have played 4 more games by then. New manager ???????

  5. Bolton fan here sorry but Parkinson will not listen to anyone ihe isolated himself from us the fans we couldn't wait to get rid of him Bolton are on their way back the way we are playing at the minute we should end up with enough points to stay up .

  6. Really look forward to your blogs mate. Great entertainment! 👏🏻 So want Sunderland to go on a decent run and end the season getting promoted. Can’t believe as it stands (as an AFC Wimbledon fan) we are only 5 points behind you. 😮 Best wishes mate!!! 👍👍👍

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