Sunderland 3-0 Rochdale – Rochdale Vlog – Matchday 31 – 11.02.2020

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  1. I wish sunderland would f— o– into the championship . Newcastle ground is far better ! Come on BBM extra training let's get our act together and beat Tranmere on sat ! Meanwhile you should win sunderland you spend millions and millions on your team!Disappointed as always great vlog best wishes Chris !

  2. Chuffing freezing night..Dale rolled over no fight..2nd half was like a reserve match..hope u's are safe and warm..Good luck for the rest of the season ..might see u again next season..funny game this football

  3. One of our worst performances of the season in terms of efforts on goal…what was it 2 with 1 on target both in the 2nd half when the game was already lost. Why couldn't we at least tried setting Morley up from outside the box again and again?

  4. Stop press Pete ! The match with Tranmere is off it's just been the ceefax BBC also ps the BBC have ordered 200 pairs of steel under pants for when a certain person goes over ! Ha Ha . UP THE DALE ! All the best Chris .

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