Sunderland 3-0 Bristol Rovers – CRUCIAL RESULT

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Sunderland secured a 3-0 win against 10 man Bristol Rovers during another windy day at the Stadium of Light. The result puts Phil Parkinson’s side in a …

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  1. We had to be Patient but under Parkinson we always have a chance and find a way to win games now we have to beat Fleetwood on Tuesday cos I'm not gonna lie I'm a little worried about the Coventry game they're the team to beat but 1 game at a time great result today Haway the lads

  2. Great win today! Did Wyke not sell the GK with a dummy by throwing his left arm up, but then rounding him right? Lol
    Big games Tuesday and then Sunday, agreed 4 pts would be decent. Let's go for the 6. Coventry game delayed today? Are they up to their old tricks??

  3. Well said Michael. Yes a crucial win as they were very stubborn to break down. Obviously the sending off helped but it’s not always set in stone you will triumph over 10 men. Nonetheless a good win and a clean sheet. Big game on Tuesday . Howay the Lads.👍👍👍⚽️⚽️⚽️

  4. Let's all get 100 per cent behind parkinson. Judging him so far his one of the best managers we've had if you look at his track record. At sunderland. If he prefers Wyke so do we. He sees him everyday and what he does. We see him or 90 mins or less. Bolton fans rated parky so does Bradford fans. Why did we doubt him. If we win next 3 games he will be God.

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