Match Reaction – Ben Garner – Sunderland

camiseta seleccion española todo muy bien y contento aunque ya veremos cuando pase un tiempo haber si sale tan buena como parece pero de momento todo perfecto

The Rovers Manager reflects on today’s defeat at the Stadium of Light.

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  1. The Rovers fans who come onto social media and berate a young manager who is obviously trying to build a young, hungry team – you guys are the real problem. Not the players. Not the manager. I'm sick and tired of it. We are a bang-average third tier team with zero entitlement of success. We have very limited resources and very little hope that will change. Try supporting instead of being negative all the time. Christ.

  2. First half he was very good as he gave EVERYTHING Rovers way. Some of his decisions were unbelievable. Second half we got the rub of the green as that was a clash of heads for the seond but let's be truthful Sunderland were by far the better side over 90mins and deserved the win. 1200 Rovers fans well done you made some noise and supported your team till the end quality.

  3. 🤣🤣 what an absolute disgrace blaming the referee. Gave everything to Bristol Rovers all game, it wasn't a head injury – nobody appealed until Wyke had the ball in the net and Agogo lashed out at Maguire. None of your players appealed so I'm not entirely sure what your issue is… just bitterness…

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